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Empowering Women

Mentoring Micro-Grants

With support from AdvanceVT and the Office of the Provost, the Mentoring Micro-Grant Program provided grants of up to $1500 for pre-tenure faculty members to implement a mentoring project of their own design.

Research Seed Grants

AdvanceVT research seed grants provided funding to support junior faculty in developing a successful research proposal for external funding. In addition to research supplies, the budgets also included travel funds for visiting colleagues at other universities or funds for graduate student support to acquire data needed for writing a more competitive proposal. 

Twenty-two junior faculty members received competitively-reviewed seed grants to jump start their research programs in 2004, 20052006, and 2007.

Leadership Development

The AdvanceVT Leadership Development Program selected women from across the university who demonstrated an interest in and potential to assume leadership roles for individualized coaching and skill development. The program began by assessing the current strengths and areas for development of the women in the cohort and provided feedback based on that assessment. Working with a coach, each woman created a development plan to capitalize on strengths and address development needs. Eighteen tenured women faculty members participated in the AdvanceVT leadership development program in 20052006, and2007.

Six senior women faculty members received fellowships from AdvanceVT to complete self-designed leadership development experiences: Andrea Dietrich and Brenda Winkel in 2004-05Karen Inzana, Kathleen Jones, and Mary Kasarda in 2006-07, and Naira Hovakimyan in 2007-08.