Wednesday, January 10, 2007
8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Inn at Virginia Tech, Latham Ballroom C
The Provost's Office, AdvanceVT, and the Organization of Women Faculty hosted a peer mentoring workshop designed for assistant professors and intended to develop a peer support network at Virginia Tech.
Peer mentoring is a tool designed to create a structured environment in which faculty can provide each other concrete support for and assistance in achieving the goals they need to reach in order to earn promotion and tenure. A number of women faculty on this campus have used this tool with great success; some even continue their groups in the years after tenure to maintain their scholarly and research productivity.
The workshop provided with the opportunity to learn about mentoring in general, and peer mentoring in particular. More important, time was spent sharing resources and forming new peer mentoring groups of colleagues in related disciplinary areas. 
Faculty from Northern Virginia who wanted to attend and make connections with their colleagues in Blacksburg were encouraged to attend. To facilitate their involvement, the Provost’s office provided lodging for the previous night at the Inn at Virginia Tech.