January 10, 2005 
Donaldson-Brown Hotel and Conference Center

Keynote speaker Dr. Virginia Valian
Keynote speaker Dr. Virginia Valian, author of Why so Slow? The Advancement of Women

On Monday, January 10, 2005, AdvanceVT held its second annual university-wide workshop on the Virginia Tech campus. AdvanceVT leadership introduced the program to the Virginia Tech community and solicited input on a variety of topics related to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women faculty. Keynote speakers Dr. Virginia Valian and Dr. Denice Denton challenged participants to be agents of change.

For more information about Virginia Valian’s research on gender schemas: Annotated Bibliography - relevant research articles and books with summaries of their conclusions and implications - © Virginia Valian 2004; (PDF, 39 KB, updated 19-Feb-2004) and Tutorials for Change: Gender Schemas and Science Careers - The tutorials are based on work in psychology, sociology, economics, and other fields.